Crochet 3D Diamond’s Beanie / Free Written Pattern

For 3D Diamond’s Beanie crochet you wil need only one ball yarn. It looks 3D and you can decorate it with many different ways. You can prepare this beanie for a gift. Whoever you are going to gift to, you can decorate it according to her taste and can make her happy.

Sibelle Orgu created this Crochet 3D Diamond’s Beanie and you can also see the video tutorial below.

  • Written Pattern:


Size 2 yarn

3.00 mm or 3.50 mm hook

Tapestry needle

Stitches used

Chain: ch

Double crochet: dc

Front post double crochet: fpdc

Back post double crochet: bpdc

Back post single crochet: bpsc

Stitch: st

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When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ​turn​ it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.

This pattern for a child. You can adapt it every age. Measure the head who you crochet and then ch multiples of 13.


Row 1: Ch which size you want and  join with a sl st. Ch3 and do not count it as a dc. Make a dc in every st.

Row 2: Ch3 (not count)*(1fpdc+1bpdc)**

Repeat Row 2 for 4 more rows.

Row 7: Ch1 and not count.*(2sc in each 2st+skip 5st+insert your hook 6th st and grab the yarn and pull it and make a long dc. (you can see this in  photo1) Repeat 10 more times in the same st. Totally you have 11 long dc in the 6th st. (you can see this in photo2)+skip 5st)**

Row 8: Ch1 and not count.*(2sc in each 2st+11bpsc)**

Row 9: Ch1 and not count. Make a sc in every st of this row.

Repeat Row 9 for 3 more times.

Row 13: Ch1 and not count. 7sc in each 7st+*(insert your hook, in the previous diamond’s 6th st and make a sc (you can see in this photo4)+skip 1st in this row+12sc in each 12st)**+5sc

Repeat Row 7-8-9-10-11-12-13 until you have 4 or 5 diamond groups. 4 diamond groups for children, 5 diamond groups for adults.

Start to decrease, after repeating of Row13.

Decrease Row1: Ch1 and not count.*(2sc+crochet 2sc together)**

Decrease Row2: Ch1 and not count. Make a sc in every st.

Decrease Row3: Ch1 and not count. *(2sc+crochet 2sc together)**

Decrease Row4: Ch1 and not count. Make a sc in every st.

You can shrink your beanie’s top, two st by two st.If you want,you can decorate your beanie with beads or pearls.

Thanks to Sibelle Orgu for the video tutorial and featured images.

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