Crochet Easy and Beginner 3D Baby Blanket

If you want to crochet quick and simple blanket,this is for you. It’s so beginner friendly tutorial. This blanket has only one bad side, you will need more yarns than usual. But you will love it when you finish your blanket.

Crochet with GG created this baby blanket and you can also see the video tutorial below.

  • Written Pattern:


Yarn: 140 gr-252 yards-230 mt

6.5 mm hook 

Tapestry needle

Stitches used

Chain: ch

Single crochet:sc

Front post double crochet:hdc

Double crochet:dc

Stitch: st


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When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ‚Äčturn‚Äč it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.


Row 1:Ch multiples of4+5.Turn,skip 4st and insert the 5th st and make a dc+Ch3+make 3 dc in the same st+*(skip 3st+insert 4th st and make a dc+Ch3+3dc in the same st)**

Row2:Ch5 and turn+*(skip 3st+make 4dc in the ch3 sp)**

Row3:Ch5 and turn+*(skip 3st+make 4 fpdc in the 4th st of previous row+ch3)**At the end of the row ch3+make a dc in the Ch5 post of previous row.

Repeat row 3 to till you reach the desired length.


Round 1:

1st,3rd side: Insert your hook from the first corner and make a sc+*(2sc in the ch3 post of previous row+sc in the st)**do not make your st so tight.

2nd,4th side:Make a sc in every st. On the corners,make 3 sc in all sides.

Round 2:Ch4+*(skip1 st+dc+Ch1)**

On the corners; make a dc in the 1st sc+ch1+make a dc in the 2nd sc+ch1+make a dc in the 3th sc+ch1

Round 3: *(1 dc in the st+1 dc in the Ch1 sp)**

On the corners; 2dc in the Ch1 sp+1 dc in the st

Round 3:Ch2+make a dc+Ch3+yarn over and insert your hook between Ch2 and a dc (you can see in the photo) and make 3fpdc+*(skip 3st+insert 4th st and make a dc+Ch3+yarn over and insert your hook from bottom of dc and make 3fpdc)**

On the corners; Do not skip any stitches and repeat the same pattern.

Thanks to Crochet with GG for the video tutorial and featured images.

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