Crochet Sweet 3D Baby Dress / Free Pattern

Crochet Sweet 3D Babydress is like a princess dress. And it’s so easy because the skirt is just a repeat of two rows. You can finish that dress in a day. There are two buttons on the shoulder that you can easily open and close You can decorate your dress as you like.

Crochet Sweet 3D Babydress is for 0-3 months old babies. If you want to make it for older babies,increase your starting chain numbers and upper body’s rows number.

Ece’nin Orguleri created this Crochet Sweet 3D Babydress and you can also see the video tutorial below.

  • Written Pattern:


Yarn: Nako Lüks Minnos-100 gr-340 mt


Stitches used

Chain: ch

Double crochet:dc

Back post double crochet:bpdc

Slip stitch:Sl st

Space: sp

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When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ​turn​ it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.

Row 1: Ch46 and turn. Start with the second st and make totally 45 sc.

Row 2:Ch1 and turn. Make a sc in every st.(total 45sc)

Row 3-Row 4-Row 5-Row 6 as same as Row 2.

Row 7:Ch1 and turn. Make 3 sl st for arm seperation+39 sc+not crochet last 3st

Row 8:Ch1 and turn.Skip 1 st+insert 2nd st and grab the yarn, then insert 3rd st and grab the yarn.3 loops on your hook, pull through all of them+make 35 sc+not crochet last 2 st.

Row 9:Ch1 and turn.Make 35 sc.

Crochet 11 rows more as same as Row 9.

Row 21: Mark the 12 th st from the beginning and the end.(You can see in the video 18:35) Crochet 12 sc for the first shoulder.

Row 22: Ch1 and turn.Skip 1st+make 11 sc.

Row 23: Make 9 sc+ crochet together 10th and 11th st and decrease to the 1sc (total 10sc).

Row 24: Ch1 and turn. Skip 1st+make 9 sc.

Row 25: Ch1 and turn. Make 9 sc.

 Crochet 21 rows more as same as Row 25.(you can see in the photo1)

Second shoulder;

Row 1: Move to the second shoulder. Insert your hook before st of you marked. Ch1 and make 12 sc.

Row 2: Ch1 and turn. Make 10sc+crochet together 10th and 11th st and decrease to the 1 sc(total 11sc)

Row 3: Ch1 and turn.Skip 1st+make 10sc.

Row 4: Ch1 and turn.Make 8sc+crochet together 9th and 10th st and decrease to the 1 sc(total 9sc)

Row 5:Ch1 and turn.Skip 1st+make 9sc.

 Crochet 21 rows more as same as Row 5. (you can see in the photo2)

Crochet 1 more piece as same as. This second piece is the back part. In the back part,crochet shoulder row 3 rows missing. Then crochet the buttonhole. You can see in the photo 3


Row 1: Ch1 and turn+3sc+Ch2+skip3st+3sc

Row 2: Ch1 and turn+3sc+3sc in the Ch2 sp+3sc

Row 3: Ch1 and turn+9sc. Cut your yarn and repeat it for the other shoulder.

Put the opposite sides inside, and join two pieces together with sc.

Skirt of the Dress

Round 1: Start from under of the arm+skip 1st+make 6dc in the 2nd st+*(skip 1st+1sc+skip 1st+6dc)** At the end of the round sl st to the first st.

Round 2: Sl st to the first dc and make *(3 bpdc+Ch2+3bpdc)** work on 6dc groups.

Round 3: Ch1 and skip *(3st+6dc in the Ch2 sp+ch1+skip 3st+1st+Ch1)**

Repeat Round 2 and Round 3, 10 more times. Finish your skirt with repeating of Round2. And make the last round .

The Last Round; *(8dc in the Ch2 sp+skip 3st+1sc+skip 3st)**

When you finish your dress,return all upper body with this st; insert your hook and skip 1st+make (1sc+Ch2+1sc) in the 2nd st+skip 1st+make (1sc+Ch2+1sc) in the 4th st+skip 1st+… keep crocheting like that.

Thanks to Ece’nin Orguleri for the video tutorial and featured images.

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