Easy Hexagon Cardigan – Free Written Pattern

Crochet Super Easy Cardigan With 2 Hexagon is so similar to the granny square motif. You will crochet it easily and quickly. This is a beginner friendly  tutorial. So if you are a new beginner and you want to crochet a cardigan this pattern is just for you. 

For small size, you need nearly 5 balls of yarn.

Liza Yarn Crafts created this Crochet Super Easy Cardigan and you can see the video tutorial below.

  • Written Pattern:


Yarn:100 gr-275 mt

Hook:4 mm

Stitches used

Chain: ch

Single crochet:sc

Double crochet:dc

Front post double crochet:fpdc

Back post double crochet:bpdc

Slip stitch:Sl st

Space: sp

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When you see *( )** it means you repeat the instructions in between *( )** Where you see the word ​turn​ it means to turn your work clockwise and work back down the row.

Make a Magic Ring.

Round 1: Ch3(count as a dc+2dc+Ch2 (if you crochet so tightly Ch3)+ *(3dc+Ch2)** repeat that 5 times. At the end of the round Ch2 and join with a sl st to the first Ch3.

Round 2: Ch4+3dc in to the Ch2 sp+Ch2+3dc in to the same sp , this is the first corner+*(Ch1+3dc in to the next sp+Ch2+3dc in to the same sp)** repeat that 5 times. At the end of the round; make 3dc  in to the first sp+Ch2 and join with a sl st to the third st of the first Ch4.

Round 3: Ch3+2dc in to the Ch1 sp+*[Ch1+(3dc+Ch2+3dc) make it in to the Ch2 sp+Ch1+3dc in to the Ch1 sp]**repeat that 6 times. At the end of the round Ch1 and join with a sl st to the first Ch3.

Repeat Round 2 and Round 3 until you have totally 17 rounds. This measurements for small size. If you want to make it bigger, you should add 4 rounds for every size.

When you double the piece you crochet,you will get L shape.

Shoulder Part:

Mark the body and the arm parts on this L shape. Hide the starting point with body part. Make a dc in to the first corner’s sp+ 1dc in to the corner’s st+1dc in to the other side’s corner’s sp. So get the corners together.

Make *(3dc+Ch1)** in to the all Ch1 sp. Turn all around until you have 6 rounds. After that rounds,you finish the shoulder part.( nearly 7cm,2.5 inches)

Neck Part:

Turn your work and start from the corner Ch3+2dc in the same sp+*(Ch1+3dc in to the next sp)** repeat that until you come to the shoulder part. When you come  to the shoulder, not keep crochet here+Ch3 and turn+(3dc+Ch1)** keep crocheting on sp. Repeat that 4 or 5 times.

Insert your hook from the  bottom corner of the L shape and make a sc. Then Ch3 in to the Ch1 sp and turn+2dc in to the same sp+*(Ch1+3dc in to the next Ch1 sp)** keep crocheting on regular pattern and make 6 rows. This piece is a right piece of a cardigan. Make one more piece as a left piece of the cardigan and make 5 rows.

Crochet Super Easy Cardigan With 2 Hexagon-Part 2 (Second video)

When you finish right (6 rows back) and left piece (5 rows back) join them together. Ch3 and insert your hook from the right side’s second ch and pull the loop and make a sl st+3dc in to the first sp+*(Ch1+insert the left side’s st and pull up the loop and make a sl st+3dc in to the next sp of right side)**

Repeat that until you reach the second corner. When you come to the corner 3dc+Ch2+insert your hook from the left part’s corner and pull the loop, make a sl st+3dc in the same sp and complete the corner. Keep crocheting as usual.

If you want to make a long cardigan.Keep crocheting 9 rows more from the joining point. For a smooth surface;

Row 10: 1dc in each st.

Row 11: Ch3 and turn. *(1fpdc+1bpdc)** repeat that until reach the other side and crochet 3 more rows.

Joining the arm

Start from the shoulder part. Insert your hook first part’s back loop,second part’s  front loop and make a sl st. Keep joining like that.

When you finish the joining;

Row 1: Make Ch3+1dc in to the corner+*(Ch1+3dc in to the next sp)**repeat that until to the end. At the end, make 1 dc in to the second corner and join with a sl st to the first Ch3.

Row 2: Ch3+2dc+*(Ch1+3dc)**

Repeat Row2 for 14 rows more. After 15 rows, we are going to decrease.

Row 16: Ch3+1dc+*(Ch1+2dc)**

Row 17: Ch3+1dc+*(2dc in to the next sp)**

Row 18: Ch2(not count as a post)+*(1fpdc+1bpdc)**repeat that 3 rows more.

For a smooth finish on the front of a cardigan,insert your hook from the first corner;

Row1: Ch3+make 2dc in to the each post sp.And turn all around.

Row 2: *(1fpdc+1bpdc)**repeat this for 4 more rows and finish your cardigan.

Thanks to Liza Yarn Crafts for the video tutorial and featured images.

  • Video Tutorial:

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